Staff Right Solutions Inc

Providing Temporary Worker Placement Services

At Staff Right Solutions, Inc, we understand the critical role your workforce plays in the success of your business. As a trusted partner in staffing solutions, we specialize in addressing your temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct-hire needs with precision and dedication.

Temporary Staffing Solutions

We manage your workforce by providing readily available temp workers, covering short-term or long-term assignments to meet your changing production needs. Our temporary employees also cover vacations, maternity leaves, and medical leaves. Candidates undergo skill testing and pre-screening tailored for each position. We adapt to your protocols and can perform background checks and drug tests if required. We cover worker's compensation, federal and state taxes, and all EDD paperwork or garnishments.

Staff Right Solutions Inc
Staff Right Solutions Inc

Temporary Placement

The seamless bridge to permanent hires through our temporary placement for permanent hire services-where trial meets potential long-term engagement.

Benefits of Hiring Temp Employees

  • Complete control of temp employees at your worksite
  • No hire-on fee at the end of the contractual assignment
  • Opportunity to assess a temp's fit before hiring onto your payroll
  • Efficiently build your team using temporary employees
  • Access to a large, diverse pool of well-vetted temp candidates
  • Dedicated focus on exceptional customer service

Direct Hire Services

Our direct hire team sources the best talents for your immediate hiring needs. With access to extensive databases and 12 years of cultivated talent, we offer a boutique experience to discover the best-fit candidates actively or passively seeking opportunities.

Staff Right Solutions Inc
Staff Right Solutions Inc

What Do We Offer

  • Cover all apostrophe comp and any injuries that may arise.
  • Pay all payroll and employee taxes to all local and federal agencies.
  • Background check, drug test, interview, call on references, and skill test assessments.
  • Fill out all EDD paperwork and medical paperwork.
  • Take care of any garnishments.
  • Track working hours and schedule shifts.
  • Hire and release workers from assignments.
  • Complete payroll services.
  • Send out W4 at the end of each year for all employees.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • We will build a pool of candidates we can call on after hours to fill a second or third shift that may arise.

Ready to find the perfect candidates who will elevate your team's success? Get in touch to unlock a world of opportunities and discover the right talent for your business.

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