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Our Services

Staff Right Solutions, Inc. strives to work in a mutually profitable relationship with our associates. Staff Right Solutions Inc will help you to maximize the flexibility of your work force.  All you have to do is approve time sheets and pay weekly invoices. Staff Right Solutions, Inc. handles everything else, including:

  • All payroll taxes and withholding
  • Workers’ Compensation Coverage for all associates
  • Associate benefits
  • Handling of all paperwork, including W-4 Forms, I-9 Forms and other routine associate paperwork.
  • Provides drug screening, background checks and Social Security verification
  • Carrying Commercial General Liability Insurance.
  • Offering holiday pay, safety incentives and 24hr on – call services.
  • Funding weekly payroll


Onsite Management

Staff Right Solutions, Inc. offers onsite management to meet your company’s specific requirements. Our onsite management programs are offered where there are 25 or more associates. Our onsite program includes the following:

  • An Experienced Onsite Manager
  • Time Management System (Time Clock)
  • Additional Office Support Equipment
  • Tailored Program to fit your needs



Staffing Facts



We're the jobs people. Staffing companies match millions of people to millions of jobs.

  • 2.66 million people per day are employed by staffing companies.
  • 11.2 million temporary & contract employees are hired by U.S. staffing firms over the course of a year.
  • 79% of temporary & contract employees work full time, virtually the same as the rest of the work force.


The staffing industry offers flexibility to both employees and companies. People can choose when,

where, and how they want to work. Companies can get the skills they need to keep fully staffed

during busy times.

  • 66% of temporary employees say flexible work time is important to them.

  • 64% of staffing employees report that their work gives them the

  • Scheduling flexibility and the time for family that they desire.

  • 90% of client businesses say staffing companies give them

  • Flexibility to keep fully staffed during busy times.