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To attract the most qualified employees, staffing services offer highly

competitive wages and benefits. The average temporary or contract employee

earns around $12 per hour. Some earn more than their permanent counterparts.

Most staffing companies offer health insurance as well as vacation and

holiday pay, and many offer retirement plans. Virtually any temporary or

contract employee who wants benefits can find a staffing firm that offers



The fastest growth is occurring in professional and technical occupations.

What kinds of services do staffing companies provide?
Staffing companies offer a wide range of employment-related services and
solutions, including temporary and contract staffing, recruiting and
permanent placement, outsourcing, outplacement, training, and human resource

Looking at Staffing Strategically
The staffing industry's unique access to a wide range of workers is
one of the essential benefits it offers clients. By working with staffing
firms, HR professionals can quickly find individuals with specific skill
sets or hard-to-find work experience. Those individuals can be brought on
board for a brief period or they can be hired permanently. This flexibility
enables HR to serve an organization in a strategic manner. HR can respond
quickly to changing business needs without burdening a company with
excessive head count or unnecessary legal exposure. This type of staffing
agility is used as a competitive advantage by smart companies.

A recent report from the U.S. Department of Labor supports this
notion. The report found "employers that have flexibility in adjusting labor
requirements to meet product and service demands have a competitive edge
over those with less flexible human resources policies."

Respected researchers agree, saying companies that embrace work force
flexibility and engage staffing firms tend to do better economically.
"Increased reliance on contingent labor. is associated with superior
subsequent performance. [and] no increase in systematic risk," concluded a
study published in the journal Decision Sciences. Economists Nandkumar Nayar
of Lehigh University and G. Lee Willinger of the University of Oklahoma
compared firms in a carefully constructed sample and found that corporate
earnings, gross margins, and stock returns improved after the increased use
of temporary or contract workers.

This realization has been emerging for quite some time. In a 1999
survey of HR managers at more than 1,200 firms, more than 90% said
"flexibility in staffing issues" was important, and 95% said that
flexibility was being achieved by using temporary and contract employees
from staffing companies. The survey was conducted by the American Management

More recently, the American Staffing Association polled 500 businesses
that used staffing services in 2004. Nine out of 10 said it was important to
them that "staffing companies offer flexibility to businesses so that they
can keep fully staffed during busy times." When survey participants were
asked specifically why they use staffing firms to obtain temporary and
contract workers, they cited three main reasons:

  • To fill in for absent employees or to fill a vacancy temporarily
  • To provide extra support during busy times or seasons
  • To staff special short-term projects

Changing American Work Force
The reality is that America's work force is changing. It's not just
employers that are looking for flexibility. Many workers are looking for
flexibility in their employment arrangements. This observation is backed by
empirical evidence-three million Americans work in temporary or contract
positions every day.

The composition of these three million people is also changing. In the
past, temporary assignments were often routine clerical or warehouse
positions that required little expertise. Today, however, many temporary and
contract employees are mature, experienced, and well-educated. They are at a
point in their careers or their lives when flexibility has become very

In a 2006 survey of staffing employees conducted by ASA, two-thirds of
workers said flexible work time was an important factor in their decision to
become a temporary or contract employee. Another one-quarter of survey
participants said it was an extremely important factor. More than half said
needing time for family was important, and an additional 20% said it was
extremely important.

It is also worth noting that although staffing employees want
flexibility, they are willing to put in long hours. In the ASA survey, 79%
worked full-time-about the same percentage as in the overall work force.

Finding the Right People for the Right Jobs
In many ways, the growth of the staffing industry reflects the
evolving U.S. economy. The demand for specialization is growing in companies
large and small. Staffing assignments reflect this, with a marked shift
toward occupations that require higher levels of skills and training,
according to the results of several surveys conducted by the U.S. Bureau of
Labor Statistics. Businesses tap staffing companies for quality talent in
nearly every occupational sector, from skilled tradesmen to airplane pilots
to banquet waiters to attorneys to radiology technicians.

With the experience of matching millions of people to millions of
jobs, staffing companies are expert at filling work assignments at all
levels of an organization, from day laborer to chief executive officer.
Often it is not easy for employers to recruit for certain professions.
Staffing firms help HR professionals meet their business requirements by
providing a pipeline into the appropriate talent pools. This includes
finding candidates for positions that are not central to a company's
business. A software company, for example, may need an accountant. Or a
retailer may need a graphic designer. Staffing firms make it happen.

Increasingly, these matches are made on a temporary-to-hire or
temporary-to-permanent basis. This is another important aspect of the
flexibility provided by staffing firms. Companies and workers have the
opportunity to evaluate each other with no obligation for either party. If
both the employer and the worker agree that it is a good fit, the worker can
be hired permanently. The traditional hiring process does not provide for
such flexibility and can result in poor hiring decisions that are costly and
difficult for a company to undo.

Jobs range of day laborer to chief executive officer and are available in virtually all occupations.

While specific jobs may last from a few to several years, the best estimates for the average tenure of temporary and contract employees range from three to four months.

Just as we are responsible for you and to you, you have duties to us and to our clients... the companies to which you are assigned.  Your responsibilities pertain to job performance, appearance and conduct.

In all matters, let common sense, fair play and good taste be your guides.

One of our team members will call you as soon as we find a suitable assignment for you.  If you do not hear from one of our Team Members, it is a good idea to stay in touch and call us occasionally between: 9:00am and 5:00pm.

At the end of each assignment you must CALL STAFF RIGHT SOLUTIONS INC. AT (951) 682-8170.

You are paid from authorized hours listed on your time sheet by your supervisor at your assignment.  Be sure to use a different time sheet for each new assignment.  Alterations will void a time sheet. If you make a mistake, do not cross it out and write over it.

Make a new time sheet.

To insure proper processing, remember to use this time sheet and turn it in on time to your supervisor

Staff Right Solutions does!  We send you out on assignments to companies who pay us for your services.  We in turn pay you for every hour worked. We make all of the tax and Social Security deductions and any other City, State or Federal deductions required by law for Ca.

The Employee must understand that accurate information to the employer for the purposes of receiving compensation is essential and that false information for the purpose of receiving compensation from the employer is fraudulent.

No. You do not have fee(s) as an employee.

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Staff Right Solutions, Inc. offers a diverse selection of personnel, from skilled manufacturing and personnel to clerical.
SRS, Inc. is your one-stop workforce solutions, offering diversity and flexibility for your staffing needs:


General Office Personnel

Office Management

Accounting Personnel

Maintenance Technicians

Data Entry & Word Processing

Inventory Clerks

Computer Operators

Event Personnel


CNC & Conventional Machinists

Electronic Assembly

Plastics: Mold Technicians


Mold Makers

QA Inspectors

Light Industrial Personnel

Certified Fork Lift Operators

Warehouse Personnel

Certified Welders

CNC Programmers

Safety training Programs

Staff Right Solutions, Inc. offers the following Safety training programs:

Injury Illness & Prevention Program (IIPP)

Forklift Certification

Violence in the Workplace

Sexual Harassment

Slip & Fall Prevention Program

Back Safety





Long-Term Temporary Associates Personnel


Long-term temporary Personnel are quite common for companies that have seasonal or unsteady work.  The long-term temporary program eliminates the hassles that are typically associated with hiring and laying off associates: EDD (unemployment insurance), Workers Compensation, Employers’ Taxes, Disability Insurance, advertising cost, time in interviewing and screening, Etc.


Temporary-to-Hire Personnel


Temporary-to Hire personnel are quite common with most companies that find the need to hire an associate, but would prefer to eliminate the risks of not hiring the “right” associate. The risks are virtually eliminated

by having SRS find you the “right” associate who is on our payroll and, as such, an associate of SRS. After satisfying the minimum hours for conversion (hire), the associate is then eligible to become employed by

your company.

SRS has no requirements that mandate a client to hire our associate.

However, should the client wish to hire a SRS Associate, the terms converting the SRS associate onto your payroll is noted in the Terms & Conditions.

Permanent Placement


Permanent Placement is offered to those clients that wish to hire an associate directly, thereby placing the associate on your payroll immediately. This is quite common for the higher skilled personnel. The client need only pay a one-time placement fee for the associate. The permanent placement fee is based on a pre-determined percentage of the hired associate’s annual salary.

Payroll Services


Payroll Service offers the client the flexibility of analyzing and verifying the associate’s skills, work habits,

traits, reliability, etc., with out the legal commitment and obligation of having to hire them. The client

simply refers that associate to SRS, where the associate is placed on SRS payroll. SRS generally offers a

discount rate for payroll service.

SRS will also payroll existing associates that are working for the client. Payroll service eliminates the legal hassles of hiring associates that are not proven.

It takes the “gamble” out of the hiring Process!