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Hello my name is Lorena J. Coulter, thank you for visiting our website. We truly appreciate our clients as well as future cliental. After serving 20 yrs. in the staffing industry, I have decided to take the next step and open my own agency. Realizing all of the daily issues that come up, I have taken these lessons and learned how to refocus them to benefit our clients. I have prioritized the most important aspects of keeping our clients happy.

  • An open line of communication
  • Customer Service
  • Matching the correct people with the correct positions
  • Most importantly safety

We have eliminated the red tape; simplified things to be quick and simple,  

and convenient for the customer as well as the associates. Communication and  

understanding as a partnership has made us succeed! I decided to open Staff  

Right Solutions in 2007. I needed to be closer to home and easily available  

for my family. I started in the staffing industry by doing sales and then  

recruiting for the administrative industry as well as industrial. I have  

been an on site supervisor for 4 different locations with a head count of 300  

hundred associates. I learned to manage my time, prioritize my goals, and  

still allow myself to provide the best customer service possible while providing  

clients with appropriate invoicing, time keeping, and profit reports  

which help clients manage their business.

Through the years I was promoted and my focus was always on customer service  

for both the clients I serviced and the individuals I helped find jobs for. I  

have always found my career fun and interesting. I love meeting new people and  

learning about different industries and how they came about and how the  

product was done. I love helping people find a position that they enjoy and could  

flourish in. A highlight of my day was to receive a phone call saying"  

Thank you so very much for your help, I love my position". Throughout the  

years I have enjoyed the friendships I have made and I feel blessed to have  

been able to help people find security for themselves and their families.

We hope you choose Staff Right Solutions as your agency and allow us to show  

you we would like to " Make the Difference . " I look forward to meeting you.

Kindest Regards ,

Lorena Coulter

Staff Right Solutions , Inc .