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Temporary Worker Placement Services

Here are some of the reasons why many companies are coming to Staff Right Solutions, Inc. for their temp, temp to hire, or direct hire needs.

  • We manage your workforce needs by providing you with readily available temp workers at your disposal.
  • We are able to provide temporary employees for any short-term or long-term assignments that may arise to meet changing production needs.
  • We are able to provide you with temporary employees to cover all vacations, maternity leaves, and medical leaves of your full-time employees.
Staff Right Solutions, Inc
  • Candidates are skill tested, and pre-screened for each position. Each client, as well as each position we hire for, may require a tailored screening process. SRS easily adapts and works within your protocols.
  • We can also perform background checks and drug tests if required.
  • We cover all workers compensation, federal, and state taxes, as well as all EDD paperwork or garnishments.
Staff Right Solutions, Inc

Temporary Placement for Permanent Hire Services

We provide this service to try out an employee on a temporary basis, with hopes that it could end up being a long-term engagement. The temporary assignment is considered a trial period that provides both the company and the employee with an opportunity to determine if they are a good fit for each other, a huge benefit for both sides.

There are many benefits of hiring a temp.

  • The client has full control of temp employees at their worksite. If they do choose SRS, we can act as an HR representative and relieve your company of that burden.
  • No hire on the fee at the end of the temp’s contractual assignment when placed with your organization.
  • Try out a temp employee to see how good a fit he or she may be to your company before you hire them onto your payroll.
  • Using temporary employees is a great way to build your team quickly and efficiently.
  • Sixteen years into the business we have created a large and diverse pool of temporary candidates. We have also worked out solutions for many of the hiring issues we seem to face today. Point is that we adapt, and we adapt well.
  • Apart from sending well-vetted temp workers, SRS focusses all our efforts on customer service.

Please feel free to give us a call to see how our partnership can benefit your company and effectively increase your bottom-line profits!

Direct Hire Services

Our direct hire team of recruiters focusses on finding the perfect match for our clients’ direct hire needs. You can gain access to some of the most talented and in-demand experts in the job market for their fields.

Your job opening presents an opportunity for your business to partner with the most intelligent people and explore new ways to outperform other businesses. Specialized direct placement services enables you to unearth the best full-time talents available in the market.

Staff Right Solutions, Inc

We have access to outsourced proprietary databases of over three million prequalified and screened candidates locally and nationally. We have over 16 years of our internal database in our arsenal that we have personally recruited, and have a solid history of employment within our own client base.

Our direct hire recruiters are also trained in passive recruiting techniques that offer you a boutique experience and enable them to find you the very best talent, especially when it comes to candidates who are not actively looking for a new job.

What SRS Can Do for You

  • Cover all workers comp and any injuries that may arise.
  • Pay all payroll and employee taxes to all local and federal agencies.
  • Background check, drug test, interview, call on references, and skill test assessments.
  • Fill out all EDD paperwork and medical paperwork.
  • Take care of any and all garnishments.
  • Track working hours, schedule shifts.
  • Hire and release workers form assignments.
  • Complete payroll services.
  • Send out W4 at the end of each year for all employees.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • We will build a pool of candidates we can call on after hours to fill a second or third shift that may arise.